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PostSubject: alpha-1   Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:02 am

G4RB4G3 wrote:
I would just like to point out that the real loser here is ME. Nobody has asked how *I* am doing, and damnit, I'm not doing good. Tonight I find the ONLY server that has non-bot people on it is the "bh" server. FUCK THAT, where is OUR server? Oh it has ZERO (0) people on it. WHY? Because all of the people who left the clan are not working on getting it going, using it, keeping it live, etc...

G4RB4G3, I think your feelings toward those that are no longer populating the server and your respect for their concerns were articulately expressed in your Waaaaaaaaaahhh!!! post. Certainly your subsequent statements and attatchment of the Butthurt Report Form spoke volumes.

No doubt you are right and your friends' decisions to leave the online family they have built over the years are merely hysterical, impusive, tantrums, nothing more. "Butthurt" as you say.

Let me say that mine is neither a tantrum, nor an unconsidered impulsive reaction to a single event, but rather a deliberate decision that I have considered at length, with increasing regret and ill forboding as I observed the events of the past few months.

Kilo, you've always treated me well, and I can't say that I bear you any ill will. You allowed me into the clan, and CrYpT became something that I think will be unique in many of our lives. Without your ok I wouldn't have had that experience, so for that I owe you sincere gratiitude.

As others have said, the clan seems to have taken a direction that isn't mine and I think its time that I leave.

I wish CrYpT the best and hope to see you all online.
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