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 temujin banned Ads kicked.

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PostSubject: temujin banned Ads kicked.   Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:00 pm

Hi Crypt
Especially friends that i have made.

Today Mujin was banned and i was kicked for well asking why.
I wil not repeat, what was said .
This would only lead to large nonsense threads.

i am not here to belittle Mr kilo or his decision. I beleive it was a series of unfortunate events i have saw the video i know this to be the case.. Hopefully he may have had a change of heart and let it go.
The community is so small to have such disputes with people who are looking for a good game seems crazy.
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PostSubject: Re: temujin banned Ads kicked.   Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:39 pm

"you have saw the video" What video? Because you were in-game and saw "Temujin was Banned from server." ?

Again, you know nothing of the situation - - calm down and think first.

I understand you backing up your guy but if he wishes to resolve/dispute, Temujin himself can post here or contact me.

Temujin was banned for deliberately TK'ing me. THIS cannot be disputed. Temujin is a pro player has been playing for years, especially in vehicles, and for him to deliberately blast me head on with the Cyclops as I was driving past in my Hog in front of our spawn right after GDF deployed MCP is just pure malice. (1st map in North America - start of 3rd objective.) There was NO GDF within 100 yards of that Plasma Cannon.

I wouldn't have been as taken back if it were not for our arguement a few days prior about the CrYpT 5v5 heavies rule. Obviously, negative feelings toward me/the clan have stuck. Which, honestly, I could give two shits about, but for him to act upon those feelings by pulling a childish TK stunt I don't have time for on our server. I take this act of rage as disrespectful and decided to retaliate by utilizing the BAN FOR TKING rule. Don't hate the player hate the game *shrug*

Again, ads, I can see your concern about your friend being banned and you being in the dark.

I am not required to explain myself for every in-game admin decision. Peskering me will just irritate me.

But, upon your disrespectful comments, I felt the need to explain myself and put you in your place. Apparently me informing you that he was "banned for intentionally TK'ing - mind your own business", wasn't good enough and this lead to more rage. I don't have time for that type of shit mid-match - thats why you were simple kicked. Simply drop the topic and address it during a warm-up or later time.

So - in conclusion, if Temujin would like to man up and apologize I might consider lifting the ban.
There is no argument about the series of events and decisions.
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PostSubject: Re: temujin banned Ads kicked.   Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:28 pm

Mr.Kilo I hope you don't get this angry when I pown you constantly.
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PostSubject: Re: temujin banned Ads kicked.   

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temujin banned Ads kicked.
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